The living rooms
at Daycare Center Suusje

Daycare Center Suusje has three baby- toddler groups, and 2 per-school groups. That’s why we work per daypart with 5 horizontal groups divided over our living rooms. Babies and pre-schoolers differ essentially from each other and we thing that it’s important for your child to receive the attention and challenge that fits their age.

Daycare Center Suusje
In Veldhoven

Daycare center Suusje was named the best daycare center in North Brabant in 2017 and 2018 by On, our Facebook page and Google Reviews you will find different experiences from other parents or / and caregivers!

What age is your child?

Baby- toddler group 

My child is between 6 weeks and 2 years young

Per-school group

My child is between 2 years and 4 years young

Childcare in Veldhoven
with a clear mission

Daycare Center Suusje remains, despite all changes in legislation, a wonderful, safe and trusted, small-scale and personal environment for every child.

That child’s head, the contented parent, the safe feeling of a child that you trust, who you bring your child to today, that is what Daycare Center Suusje stands for and wants to stand for.

What other parents say about Daycare Center Suusje

"You have a top team, Susanne and I am happy that we have chosen Kinderdagverblijf Suusje"


"It's wonderful that strangers immediately treat your child so incredibly sweet and caring."

Sabien & Tanja

"Thanks a lot for the nice birthday card for our son."


“A guarantee that they will honor your child(ren) without worry."

Family Van HoofParents of Lois (3) and Duuk (0)

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