As a parent you want to stay informed of your child's development.

By now your child is placed in Day Care Centre. How is your child developing individually and in the group? Does it feel happy, safe and trusted?

We capture all of these developments in our personal digital inviorment

This digital inviorment contains personal data, evaluation- and observation reports and all the craftworks that your child creates we keep in a folder. Our pedagogical staff members do not only take care of your little one. They observe your child to provide adjustments when needed. Through this tracking system, we’re able to identify the individual needs of your child in a timely manner. We’re able to respond to that very quickly. What a nice feeling for your child but also for you as a parent.

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Insight into the personal development of your child

  • 3 months: you will discuss the progress your child is making together with the mentor of your child. This is done on the basis of an evaluation report and the development system. During this discussion, the report will be supplemented with experiences and comments that you have as a parent.
  • The transfer: for the transfer to a different group, you will discuss the daily rhythm, development and any particularities, together with the fixed mentor and the new mentor of your child. The time depends on the development of your child (around 2 years old)
  • Pre-school relay: When your child is 3 ½ years old, you will receive an invitation from your child’s mentor, for a pre-school relay. During this conversation the development of you child will be evaluated and identified. The report will, with your permission, be sent to their primary school to prepare the school for the arrival of your child.If desired we will take care of a warm transfer to the primary school, in other words a personal explanation of this report. When your child is transferring primary school, you will receive more information about this.

During the daily pickup moments our pedagogical staff member will take the time for a personal exchange of information. This builds the bond of trust that we at Day Care Centre Suusje find so important. We appreciate your experiences, ideas and opinions.

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What other parents say about Daycare Center Suusje

"You have a top team, Susanne and I am happy that we have chosen Kinderdagverblijf Suusje"


"It's wonderful that strangers immediately treat your child so incredibly sweet and caring."

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"Thanks a lot for the nice birthday card for our son."


“A guarantee that they will honor your child(ren) without worry."

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