Living rooms Suusje & Toosje

At Daycare Center Suusje we have two living rooms for children from 6 weeks to 2 years old. Suusje & Toosje. These two living rooms are identical in terms of method.

Daily routine Suusje & Toosje: baby groups from 0-2 years with a maximum of 10 children

Within the living rooms for the smallest children up to two years old, we work with regular trusted PMs with whom you as parents and your child can build a genuine bond of trust. Every child also has its own permanent mentor. The mentor is the regular point of contact for you as parents. The mentor also follows your child in his development and will get used to it with your child at the start of the daycare. Because we attach great importance to this. Babies develop extremely fast in the first year, a lot changes in the daily rhythm of your child. That is why the daily rhythm of your child’s home is also the daily rhythm that we use for your child in our living rooms at Suusje & Toosje. Even when your child does not (yet) have a rhythm at home, we are flexible with it and we like to think along with you.


Are you breastfeeding your baby? We also take this into account and you can bring the pumped food or you come to feed your child with us. It is your baby and we treat it with confidence and respect. We play an advisory role that you need and listen to your wishes. Of course within the frameworks and possibilities of the groups.

Personal attention to the babies in the Suusje & Toosje living rooms is of great importance. So that we can build a close bond with your child and she with us.

Game materials

We offer the babies play materials, but we also pay attention to the child’s rest and needs. A baby does not always need incentives to achieve a good development. We give the children room for play and self-discovery. When they are brought, the pm-ers sit on the floor, so that they can make direct contact with your child.

Personal chat

There is always time for a personal chats with the parents, so that they can tell what the details are and how the night went, whether there are any changes in the rhythm. And when picking up, there is time for a personal chat with your own regular staff member (PM) in your own living room.

The PM-ers say goodbye to the parent together with the child and if necessary this is done with play materials or comfort by means of a familiar hug or teat.

Educational policy

Starting point from the pedagogical policy of daycare center Suusje is that every child must first feel safe and familiar before the child can develop and play. That is why the emphasis is on making a child feel safe and familiar. When this means that a child is going through a phase in which it needs its own hug or teat all day, this is also applied, naturally in accordance with you as parents.


During the meal the babies up to 1 year in the living rooms of Suusje and Toosje sit at the high table. The toddlers, from 1 year, are sitting at the low table.


We are happy and proud to show you our house, would you like to come and take a look at our house? The first week of the month we offer (by appointment only) possibilities for guided tours in our house, between 9.30 am and 11.30 am and between 2.30 pm and 4 pm. This is also a conscious choice from us, because we think it is extremely important that there is peace within the living rooms for the children and our team. We also want to keep enough time to invest in the quality of our care for all children. We trust your understanding in this.

The staff members of
these living rooms

If one term summarizes us, it is involvement. At the daycare center, with the parents and especially with the children. Because personal attention and individual development within a group are of paramount importance. We give a feeling of coming home with love.




Living Room Toosje


Living Room Toosje


Living Room Toosje


Living Room Suusje


Living Room Suusje


Living Room Suusje


Living Room Suusje

What if there is no space,
is there any waiting list?

Due to the overcrowded daycare centers in the Netherlands there is a lot of demand for childcare. That is why we use a fair waiting list at Suusje. After receiving the registration form we will place your child on the waiting list (if applicable). If we haven’t met before, we will contact you to make an appointment. We understand that as a parent you want to know where you’re at on time, therefore we strive for a placement proposal at least 4 months before the desired start date.

If you agree with the placement proposal, your child is assured of a place in one of our living rooms. 1 month before the first day of care, we have an appointment for an extensive intake interview.

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What are the costs of Daycare Center Suusje in Veldhoven?

We provide three available packages

  • Standard daycare
    • 52 weeks a year
    • 11 hours a week
  • Pre-school care
    • 40 weeks a year
    • at least 5 hours a week
  • Flexible childcare
    • 48 weeks a year
    • at least 11 hours a week

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We know it's unusual.

We understand that handing over the care of your child is a big step. That is why we attach great importance to our Getting-used-to Policy. We discuss with the parent about the options for getting used to our daycare. getting used to our daycare always takes place on a contract day so that your child can create a really good impression of the day, the teachers and the future friends.
Intake gesprek Kinderdagverblijf Suusje Veldhoven

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