Nutrition and Hygiene as most important ingredient

Meals are important, joint activities: In the mornings we eat fruit, at noon we have a bread meal and in the afternoon we have juice with a cookie, a vegetable snack or a cracker. Naturally we wash the children’s hands before they sit at the table. This way they will learn the importance of good hygiene.


Lunch, fresh fruit, cookies, beverages and diapers are all price included. Bottle- or breastfeeding, any dietary nutrition or vegetable bites you have to take care of yourself. The pedagogical staff members will prepare the baby food with great care. As a mother would you like to come and breastfeed? No problem. Discuss this during the intake.

Voeding & Hygiene | Kinderdagverblijf Suusje


In all of the living rooms hygiene during care and nutrition is essential. We work according to the safety and health policy which is currently being tested by the team and it’s being adjusted on the basis of the IKK legislation.

The pedagogical staff members ensure a hygienic environment and working method on a daily basis. Personal care from our staff members is a requirement. The children wear slippers in the living rooms and there are shoe covers available for the parents upon entering the living rooms. The Day Care Centre is cleaned daily by our interior cleaners.

All guidelines have been laid down. You will receive this when registering you child, or you can request it from our management.

Voeding & Hygiene | Kinderdagverblijf Suusje

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