Personal involvement characterizes the method at Day Care Centre Suusje

Step by step we build a bond of trust between pedagogical staff members, parents and children. The intake interview will form the most important scale in this process. 1 month before the starting date we invite you to an intake interview.

There is an opportunity to make your individual wishes as a parent known

Four weeks before the daycare starts, you will receive an invitation for the intake interview. You will receive this invitation by telephone or e-mail. The intake interview consists of two parts.

During the first part you will have a conversation with thew teacher. She gives you all the explanation about the daycare, the policy, and our living rooms. After which she will ask you questions about your child. You have all the time and space to tell everything about your child that is important for us to know. Consider the feeding schedule, sleep rhythm, comfort, any medical details, and so on.

During this extensive conversation you will receive a text and explanation about the Day Care and the organisation. There is an opportunity to make your individual wishes as a parent known. We make a note of these wishes in the so called, personal development folder of your child. You will meet the pedagogical staff members and the mentor that are going to take care of your child.

We understand that handing over the care of your child is a big step. That’s why we offer the opportunity to come and have a look in one of our living rooms. Our adjustment policy is wide and offers enough possibilities to get to know our staff.

To guarantee our quality of care in the groups, we use fixed times to give tours and to have adjustment moments. We do these this in the first week of every month between 9.30 and 16.00 hours.

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Getting used to us.... we get it!

After the intake interview, we show you the living room where your child will be in and we also introduce you to all pedigocical staff (PM) members of all living rooms, so that you know all PM-ers. In the living room where your child is placed, we show you where you can store all your child’s things.

We will also take a look at the sleeping area, so that you can see where your child will sleep during the daycare. And perhaps most importantly, together with you we make arrangements for the getting-used-to-phase.

Getting used to you and your child is important to us. You are going to take your child to people you don’t know after all. That is why you can arrange the getting-used-to phase yourself, in the way that you feel comfortable with.

If you want to experience a whole day in our living room, you are more than welcome to do so. We give you at least four weeks the time and the space to organize the habits yourself together with your child. It is entirely up to you how you want to give shape to this getting-used-to-phase. The only condition we set for getting used to is that you and your child will get used to the parts of the day that you will also be using our daycare. This so that you and your child can get acquainted with the trusted PM-ers of your own living room and also the children who are present in the living room during those half-days.

Getting used to it is also a pleasant and important moment for our PM people. They, too, can get to know you and your child. From this point on, a start is made on building up a relationship of trust with you and your child and their own permanent PM.

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"You have a top team, Susanne and I am happy that we have chosen Kinderdagverblijf Suusje"


"It's wonderful that strangers immediately treat your child so incredibly sweet and caring."

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"Thanks a lot for the nice birthday card for our son."


“A guarantee that they will honor your child(ren) without worry."

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