Participation and guarantee quality with a Parent Committee

The parent committee gives advise and is a point of contact and actively contributes to our policy. Besides that the organise theme-evenings. By entering the living rooms you will find pictures of the members from the committee. These pictures are taken together with their own offspring, this way you will be able to recognize them in the groups. Members are chosen by the parents of the children at Daycare Center Suusje.

Composition of the parent committee

The parent committee consists of 3 enthusiastic, involved parents who are committed to the interests of pedagogical staff members, parents and children. Together they guarantee the quality of Day Care Centre Suusje. The parent committee meets 6 times a year.

What other parents say about Daycare Center Suusje

"You have a top team, Susanne and I am happy that we have chosen Kinderdagverblijf Suusje"


"It's wonderful that strangers immediately treat your child so incredibly sweet and caring."

Sabien & Tanja

"Thanks a lot for the nice birthday card for our son."


“A guarantee that they will honor your child(ren) without worry."

Family Van HoofParents of Lois (3) and Duuk (0)

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