From pregnancy to Day Care… while pregnant, time flies by before you know it.

You already have to make a very difficult decision. Who is going to take care of your baby? And how are they going to do it? Is there a waiting list? On which days can my child come?

You’re Pregnant! Now find the right Daycare Center...

We are happy to give you an answer to these and all of your other questions during a personal introduction.

We will give you an extensive tour so that you can taste the atmosphere and receive all information about the vision and policy of Day Care Centre Suusje.

Still have doubts if our Day Care suits you, even after our tour? We understand that this is a well-considered decision. We offer the possibility to come and have a look in our living room, with your child. If you opt for our small-scale and personal Day Care, we can help you adjust. We are happy to discuss this during an intake so that you have a familiar feeling from the first day.

What are the costs for
Daycare Center Suusje?

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Standard daycare

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As a parent you can have a look into the living room if you like to. Worrying about bringing your child to a daycare center? We understand it’s a difficult decision to make; therefore we have a broad visiting / getting-used-to-policy. Come and visit us for a day with your child to get to know Daycare Center Suusje.

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We understand that it takes some time to get used to a daycare...

Getting used to your child and you is important to us. You are going to take your child to people you don’t know after all. That is why you can arrange it yourself, in the way that you feel comfortable with. We give you at least four weeks the time and space to organize the habits yourself together with your child. It is entirely up to you how you want to give shape to getting used to.

The only condition we set for getting used to is that you and your child will get used to the parts of the day that you will also be using our daycare. This so that you and your child can get acquainted with the regular trusted workers and your own living room (and Childs within this living room).

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Is there a Parent Committee at Daycare Center Suusje?

There is! The parent committee consists of 4 enthusiastic, involved parents who are committed to the interests of pedagogical staff members, parents and children. Together they guarantee the quality of Day Care Centre Suusje. The parent committee meets 6 times a year.

What other parents say about Daycare Center Suusje

"You have a top team, Susanne and I am happy that we have chosen Kinderdagverblijf Suusje"


"It's wonderful that strangers immediately treat your child so incredibly sweet and caring."

Sabien & Tanja

"Thanks a lot for the nice birthday card for our son."


“A guarantee that they will honor your child(ren) without worry."

Family Van HoofParents of Lois (3) and Duuk (0)

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